Genomic proofs have provided the confidence to use exciting sires earlier in their careers.

All bulls we bring to Alta are genomic and health tested before joining any line-up. Genomic testing provides an immediate reliability of nearly 70% for production, health and conformation traits. So we’re confident these bulls will deliver on their genetic promises.

This proof round we add 31 new sires reserved exclusively for Alta Advantage partner herds. We offer 27 new G-Star sires, and 18 new sires received the stamp of approval to be promoted to FutureStar status. Within each of these three genomic-proven groups, you’ll find a variety of bulls to fit any and all unique genetic plans.

The table below illustrates the difference in production, health and conformation values of our three different groups of genomic-proven sires.

Difference in Production, Health & Conformation values Table

What are the differences between these genomic options?

Alta Advantage

Once a bull starts making semen, he typically starts his career on the Alta Advantage only list. The newest, youngest bulls simply don’t produce enough semen to be readily available to all farms around the globe. While we build semen inventory on these new bulls, we give our loyal Alta Advantage partner herds priority access to those that fit their customized genetic plans.

G-Star status

Once a bull has made enough semen we add him to the G-Star sire list. The sires found among the G-Star ranks are readily available to everyone. They provide a wide array of outliers for various production, health and type traits. From this elite list, you can find a great selection of bulls to fit your genetic plan.

FutureStar favorites

About a year after a bull is first released, we get actual daughter information on both sire fertility and calving ease. Only the chosen few bulls that prove themselves above average for fertility and less than 8% for sire calving ease become FutureStars.

FutureStars are the way to go if you want elite genomics, but prefer added reliability from real sire fertility and calving ease observations. You may give up some production and health as compared to the available G-Star or Advantage only sires, but you gain peace of mind knowing that you’re upping your chances for a pregnancy and a live calf resulting from an easier calving. Because of the known calving ability, FutureStars serve as ideal options to use on heifers.

Get the biggest gift

Still don’t feel comfortable going all in with genomic-proven sires? Compare our top daughter-proven and top genomic sires in the tables below to see how big your genomic gifts can be. Selection from atop the daughter-proven lineup provides you with a highly reliable 2453 average TPI.

Yet, if you’re looking for something more, the tables below prove that your best genetic gifts come from the genomic group of sires, which averages 231 TPI points higher than their daughter-proven counterparts.

Top daughter Proven Sires for December 2016
Top genomic Proven Sires for December 2016

To further build your confidence in the genomic-proven groups, it’s important to note that every single one of these top daughter-proven sires were previously used globally as FutureStars or G-Stars. The track record is significant for these former genomic favorites to deliver on their initial predictions.

With that in mind, give yourself the gift of maximum genetic gains this season! Use a team of sires from the Alta Advantage, G-Star or FutureStar lists that meets your goals for production, health and conformation.